Get Vocal Final Publication

 The book  “Finding our Voices, Making a Difference”,  has been launched on Wednesday November 5th by Tom Costello from The Atlantic Philanthropies.  The publication includes interviews and stories from those who took part in Get Vocal. 

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Finding out voices making a difference book cover

The book is available free of charge. To get a hard copy contact us at 01 805 7709.

About Get Vocal

The aim of Get Vocal was to strengthen the voices of older people in Ireland by increasing their capacity to make themselves heard. It supported groups and networks to develop ways of speaking out on the issues that matter to them and to spark initiatives that help society to understand their needs and their problems, as well as their hopes. To speak out effectively, groups and networks have built up their ability to advocate on behalf of older people.

Get Vocal operated in particular counties providing support to partners in that county. Get Vocal was a new way for Age & Opportunity to work. It began with meeting groups and networks in a county and discussing how to build advocacy for older people in that county. From here, groups and networks planned projects. Age & Opportunity provided support, and in some cases, some grant money to help the projects to happen. In most cases, any grants that we gave were for one year only.

Get Vocal worked with the following organisations:

  • local, regional and national organisations of older people,
  • networks of older people,
  • organisations that work with older people,
  • organisations which work for social change, for projects targeting older people.

Get Vocal was particularly interested in promoting the networks of older people that are starting to develop in order to have a say in issues like transport, health services, rights and tackling isolation.

Every year grantees were brought together at the Evaluation Workshop to discuss their projects, to network and share information.

Within Age & Opportunity, Get Vocal was managed by Paul Maher.

To find out more about the programme call us on 01 805 7709.

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