Supporting Age & Opportunity

Your support means a lot to us. Whatever we achieve, we achieve it through partnerships and collaborations.

Every year, thousands of people all over Ireland work with us to to deliver quality programmes like the Bealtaine festival and Go for Life, the national sport and physical activity programme. We have over 650 partners who work with us on Bealtaine and over 1250 Physical Activity Leaders in Go for Life.

There is another way that people support us. They give us time (through volunteering) or donations (through gifts and through legacies). If you love Bealtaine, if you enjoy Go for Life, if you have participated in any of our programmes and now want to pass on that joy to others.


Bealtaine festival

Bealtaine Festival

Bealtaine festival 2017 is on it's way! All through May Bealtaine offers opportunities for people aged 50+ to engage with arts and culture as audience, artist, critic...